Courses Reimbursement Policy

One presenter per half-day course, and one presenter per short course can apply for travel reimbursement of up to USD $1,000.00. Only presenters whose permanent residence is outside of Bangkok, Thailand can apply for travel reimbursement.

Travel Approval

Covered expenses include air and rail fares or automobile travel and hotel.

Reimbursement can only be reimbursed by one person from the course. But at the course organizer's discretion they may be split between multiple presenters. So if a course has a large number of presenters, the workshop organizer may split these benefits amongst presenters if necessary.

Automobile Travel

If an authorized traveler chooses to travel to the conference by personal automobile, SIGGRAPH Asia will reimburse at the common mileage rate of the country that the traveler uses the car in. However, SIGGRAPH Asia will only reimburse up to the cost of a round-trip air ticket from the starting destination provided. Automobile travelers may also receive reimbursement for parking.


SIGGRAPH Asia will reimburse hotel room charges, provided the hotel bill is in the name of the authorized traveler. It is strongly recommended to book the accommodation in a hotel which is included in the official SIGGRAPH Asia hotel list.

Not Reimbursed

Meals, bar tabs, phone charges, internet charges, rental cars, fees, personal expenses, and expenses of guests are not reimbursable by SIGGRAPH Asia.


To obtain reimbursement for travel expenses related to your presentation at SIGGRAPH Asia, you must:

You are responsible for making your own travel and hotel arrangements.

* You can only be reimbursed after SIGGRAPH Asia 2017.