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Date/Time: 28 November 2017, 04:15pm - 06:00pm
Venue: Amber 3
Location: Bangkok Int'l Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
Session Chair: Jin Huang, State Key Lab of CAD & CG, Zhejiang University, China

Robust Structure Simplification for Hex Re-meshing

Summary: We introduce a completely robust and fully automatic algorithm to produce a pure hexahedral mesh with a coarse global structure and high geometric quality. The effectiveness and robustness of our algorithm have been verified by batch processing a dataset of 194 hex-meshes without any parameter tweaking.

Author(s): Xifeng Gao, New York University
Daniele Panozzo, New York University
Wenping Wang, Hong Kong University
Zhigang Deng, University of Houston
Guoning Chen, University of Houston

Speaker(s): Xifeng Gao, New York University

Simplicial Complex Augmentation Framework for Bijective Maps

Summary: We propose a new method to make use of a scaffold structure to robustly compute globally bijective maps, both in 2D and 3D.

Author(s): Zhongshi Jiang, New York University
Scott Schaefer, Texas A&M University
Daniele Panozzo, NYU, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Speaker(s): Zhongshi Jiang, New York University

Visibility-Consistent Thin Surface Reconstruction Using Multi-Scale Kernels

Summary: Most state-of-the-art approaches cannot reconstruct thin surface geometry correctly since front and back side interfere with each other. We present a two-step method that uses kernel-based techniques and excels especially on thin surfaces. We demonstrate our results on synthetic as well as real-world datasets.

Author(s): Samir Aroudj, TU Darmstadt
Patrick Seemann, TU Darmstadt
Fabian Langguth, TU Darmstadt
Stefan Guthe, TU Darmstadt
Michael Goesele, TU Darmstadt

Speaker(s): Samir Aroudj, TU Darmstadt

Tensor Field Design in Volumes

Summary: 3D tensor fields have a wide range of applications such as texture and geometry synthesis as well as anisotropic noise. In this paper, we introduce a system for the design and control of 3D tensor fields, at the core of which is a set of topological editing operations.

Author(s): Jonathan Palacios, Oregon State University
Lawrence Roy, Roy Family Homeschool
Prashant Kumar, Oregon State University
Chen-Yuan Hsu, Bournemouth University
Weikai Chen, University of Hong Kong/USC
Chongyang Ma, SNAP Inc.
Li-Yi Wei, Hong Kong University
Eugene Zhang, Oregon State University

Speaker(s): Eugene Zhang, Oregon State University