Symposium On Mobile Graphics And Interactive Applications Demonstrations

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Date/Time: 27 November 2017, 01:00pm - 03:00pm
Venue: Nile 1
Location: Bangkok Int'l Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)

Demo: 6DoF Input for HoloLens using Vive Controller

Summary: In this demo, attendees can create and modify 3D AR objects in 6DoF on the HoloLens by using the Vive controllers.

Huidong Bai, HIT Lab NZ
Lei Gao, HIT Lab NZ
Mark Billinghurst, HIT Lab NZ

Speaker(s): Huidong Bai, HIT Lab NZ, University of Canterbury

Demo: Applying Rotational Tracking and Photospherical Imagery to Immersive Mobile Telepresence and Live Video Streaming Groupware

Summary: We present an application that takes advantage of mobile rotational tracking for social live streaming and remote collaboration scenarios in mixed reality spaces. Our approach improves users' spatial and situational awareness, and reduces their cognitive workload.

Bektur Ryskeldiev, Spatial Media Group, University of Aizu

Speaker(s): Bektur Ryskeldiev
Michael Cohen, University of Aizu

Demo: AR Social Continuum: Representing Social Contacts

Summary: Representing social contacts on wearable AR

Alaeddin Nassani, HIT Lab NZ
Gun Lee, University of South Australia
Mark Billinghurst, University of South Australia
Tobias Langlotz, University of Otago
Robert W. Lindeman, HIT Lab NZ

Speaker(s): Alaeddin Nassani, HIT Lab NZ

Demo: Bot3D Editor, Easy 3D Computer Character Animation Editor for Smartphones and Tablets

Summary: Isn’t making 3D animation hard? We have re-invented 3D animation on smartphones from the beginning. We will introduce to you new features of Bot3D Editor, and also we will describe the future development of our apps. Addition: We will employ a virtual character for our assistant!

Ryoichiro Debuchi, heuristic Inc.
Atomu Suematsu, heuristic Inc.
Yosuke Yamada, heuristic Inc.

Speaker(s): Ryoichiro Debuchi, heuristic Inc.

Demo: Exhibition Approach using an AR and VR Pillar

Summary: This demonstration presents a development of an Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (AR) pillar, a novel approach for showing AR and VR content in a public setting.

Zi Siang See, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Sunway University
Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, MaGIC-X (Media and Games Innovation Centre of Excellence) UTM-IRDA Digital Media Centre Universiti T
Mark Billinghurst, University of South Australia
Arindam Dey, University of South Australia
Delas Santano, Sunway University
Human Esmaeili, Sunway University
Harold Thwaites, Sunway University

Speaker(s): Zi Siang See, Centre for Research-Creation in Digital Media, Sunway University.

Demo: FingerT9: Leveraging Thumb-to-Finger Interaction for One-handed Text Entry on Smartwatches

Summary: We presents FingerT9, leveraging the action of thumb-to-finger touching and the surface of the finger segments, to support one-handed text entryon smartwatches. The talk includes the design and technical part of FingerT9, the evaluation, and applications.

Pui Chung Wong, CIty University of Hong Kong
Hongbo Fu, CIty University of Hong Kong
Kening Zhu, CIty University of Hong Kong

Speaker(s): Pui Chung Wong, City University of Hong Kong

Demo: Mobile Augmented Reality Illustrations that Entertain and Inform with the Hololens

Summary: We demonstrate three different mixed reality prototypes using the Microsoft Hololens. Main focus of the applications is providing information and entertainment in mixed reality space in different scenarios. The prototypes allow for several input modalities including voice, gesture and spatial input.

Christian Zimmer, University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf
Michael Bertram, University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf
Fabian Büntig, University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf
Daniel Drochtert, University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf
Christian Geiger, University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf

Speaker(s): Christian Zimmer, Daniel Drochtert, University of Applied Science Düsseldorf

Demo: Multi-Scale Gestural Interaction for Augmented Reality

Summary: We present prototype applications for augmented reality that use multi-scale gestures. Microgestures provide high precision and low fatigue, which compliments convenient and intuitive macro-scale gestures. This exploratory work looks at ways to leverage the advantages of different types of gestures in useful interactions.

Barrett Ens, University of South Australia
Aaron Quigley, University of St Andrews
Hui-Shyong Yeo, University of St Andrews
Pourang Irani, University of Manitoba
Mark Billinghurst, University of South Australia

Speaker(s): Barrett Ens, University of South Australia

Demo: Pictory - Neural Style Transfer and Editing with CoreML

Summary: This demonstration presents Pictory, an mobile app for artistic neural style transfer and interactive image editing using the CoreML and Metal APIs. The participants will have the chance to get in touch with the App’s developers and researchers to learn more about the underlying technology and development process.

Sebastian Pasewaldt, Digital Masterpieces GmbH
Amir Semmo, Hasso Plattner Institute / University of Potsdam
Mandy Klingbeil, Hasso Plattner Institute / University of Potsdam
Jürgen Döllner, Hasso Plattner Institute / University of Potsdam

Speaker(s): Sebastian Pasewaldt, Digital Masterpieces GmbH

Demo: Spatial Display System for Designing Live Audiovisual Content

Summary: Many types of display systems have been developed for expressing high levels of presence. However, these systems tend to be expensive. To solve this problem, we developed a spatial display system using mobile devices. In this study, we implement design system for 3D audiovisual live contents based on our system.

Naoya Umeta, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Tomohito Yamamoto, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Speaker(s): Naoya Umeta, Kanazawa Institute Technology