Painting with Code [Short Course]

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Date/Time: 27 November 2017, 04:15pm - 06:00pm
Venue: Nile 3
Location: Bangkok Int'l Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)

Presentation Language: English

Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: Algebra and geometry, basic computer graphics, shading languages (GLSL or similar).

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in learning about the intersection of code and visuals, either professionals or students.

Organizer: Pol Jeremias Co-Founder at Shadertoy He grew up in Barcelona, but his desire to create real-time graphics brought him to California in 2006. Pol graduated from University of Southern California with a Master's in Computer Science. He was part of the team working on Star Wars 1313 at LucasArts. Today, he is part of the GPU team at Pixar Animation Studios where he worked on Finding Dory, Cars 3 and more recently on Hydra (Pixar's real-time renderer). In his spare time, Pol is a co-founder at

Pol Jeremias, Co-Founder at Shadertoy

Summary: Learn the basics of creating visuals with code. The course introduces the audience to the concepts and mathematics needed to create 2D and 3D scenes using fragment shaders, code and math.